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Providence Therapeutics is a private Canadian biotechnology company that specializes in messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine therapies.

We hold deep expertise in the science of mRNA with operations located in Calgary, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario. The beginnings of Providence Therapeutics started with our undivided focus on oncology research and personalized cancer therapies. However, given the global COVID-19 crisis, we have pivoted from our original mission, devoting our energy, knowledge, and resources to creating a mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, which is currently under Phase 2 Human Clinical Trial.

As we face the current pandemic together, our personal mandate is to help supply a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine solution to global citizens in largely underserved markets.


The Team

The Providence executive team is made up of dedicated experts who boast over 100 years of cumulative industry experience with extensive expertise in RNA therapeutics.




The human body contains cells that hold our DNA. DNA is essential for all forms of life as it carries genetic instructions for the development, functioning, growth, and reproduction of cells. Messenger RNA or mRNA holds genetic information that comes directly from DNA.

mRNA plays a vital role in how the body’s immune system responds to both healthy and foreign cell protein creation, and particularly as it relates to foreign viruses and diseases.


(Providence is looking beyond COVID)

The nimbleness of mRNA technology is a clear advantage as mRNA vaccines can be designed and manufactured much faster due to the “plug and play” nature of the technology as compared to other forms of vaccines. 

Once we have the DNA genetic sequence of any virus or variant, we can “plug” the correct protein or part of the viral protein into the mRNA vaccine.  We aim at applying our mRNA platform technology towards COVID and variants, and also to potential cancer targets, infectious diseases and other therapies.


mRNA is required for the cells in our bodies to carry out specific instructions for necessary protein creation to sustain all lifeforms.  It helps to translate the genetic information carried in our DNA into proteins which carry out many essential functions in cells.

Effective mRNA vaccines can cause our cells to make foreign proteins, such as those from viruses or bacteria, and thus instruct the immune system to recognize and attack these microbial invaders.

Why a Cancer Vaccine?

Current immunotherapies work by increasing the strength of an immune response that already exists.

Unfortunately, some tumours remain hidden from the immune system making some current approaches ineffective. At Providence Therapeutics, we spotlight a tumour through a 100% personalized mRNA vaccine against the mutations driving the tumour.

COVID-19 Vaccine Application

Providence Therapeutics aims to be part of the critical global mRNA vaccine supply pool. We are doing so by working closely alongside Health Canada and other key organizations.

October 2022

Positive Top-Line Data from Phase 2 Primary Immunization Trial of Providence mRNA Vaccine Candidate PTX-COVID19-B in Adults

October 2022

August 2021

Health Canada Approved Phase 2 Human Clinical Trial.

May 2021

Released very favourable Phase 1 Human Clinical Trial results. Click Here to view the results.

May 2021

April 2020

Providence's World-Class-Scientific team created our first made-in-Canada mRNA vaccine.

February 2021

Phase 1 Human Trial patient dosing.

February 2021

December 2020

Health Canada Approved  Phase 1 Human Clinical Trial.

Providence Therapeutics' Made-in-Canada COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine



Status: Completed Phase 2 Human Clinical Trial October 2022

Positive Top-Line Data from Phase 2 Primary Immunization Trial: Click here

Strategy: Generate potent neutralizing antibodies to prevent infection and promote strong immunity.

Status: To be determined in the very near future.

Strategy: Applying providences mRNA platform technology towards other COVID19 variants, with an emphasis on safety and tolerability.

Status: Providence remains dedicated to our original mission of oncology and cancer research and applying our mRNA platform to this critical field.

Strategy: Our World-Class Scientific team will look to deploy our mRNA platform technology towards oncology and cancer and aims at working towards what may be the next generation of    mRNA cancer vaccines.


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Business Development

We are part of the mRNA Revolution.   

Providence not only aims to be part of the critical global mRNA COVID vaccine supply pool, but we also look to apply our mRNA platform technology towards various vaccine developments by establishing key collaborations with industry players in the various fields of cancers, therapies and infectious diseases. We extend our invitation to Biotech Industry players, the scientific community, and Academia that wish to reach out to us to discuss viable potential projects that our mRNA platform could play a vital role in.

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