A Clinically Validated Platform

Providence has developed a proprietary mRNA platform that provides scalable, efficient, and cost-effective production of therapeutic mRNAs reproducible from the research to clinical to pandemic scales.

Our clinically validated platform is built using a proprietary mRNA design algorithm that utilizes advanced codon optimization, resulting in improved translation and highly efficient immune modulation.

We focus on achieving high-grade single-stranded RNA purity, to maximize the specificity of the therapeutic response.

The mRNA platform also serves as a discovery and development tool for our continued exploration of the use of alternative modified mRNA base analoges, 5’ and 3’ untranslated region (UTR) structures, 5’ caps, and tail sequences. The platform has been designed to allow the incorporation of these novel mRNA with the same robust and scalable production.

Providence Therapeutic’s extensive experience with personalized cancer vaccines, clinical scale products, and pandemic scale products (such as our PTX-COVID19-B vaccine) has given us the expertise to help partners rapidly take their mRNA drug to the clinic.

The Providence mRNA Ecosystem is a platform for Drug Developers

mRNA Platform Technology Advantage‚Äč

Scalable, Robust, & Cost-Effective mRNA Platform

  • Nimble Technology Platform
  • Broad Array of Therapeutic Proapplications
  • Validated Safety & Efficacy
  • Differentiated from Competitors in Purity, Efficiency, Cost, and Tolerability