Providence Therapeutics (PTx)

Providence Therapeutics (PTx) is a mRNA medicines company developing transformative vaccines for cancer treatment and protection from hard-to-treat infectious diseases. 

Our therapeutics come from a fully integrated, end-to-end Research and Development Ecosystem combining target discovery, the PTx proprietary mRNA platform, our Next Generation Lipids and Lipid Nanoparticle Platform (LNP), and a proven mRNA-LNP manufacturing platform applicable to fully personalized medicine all the way to pandemic scale manufacturing. 

The Providence mRNA Ecosystem is a platform for Drug Developers


Our Leadership

Our Senior Leadership Team and Board of Directors at PTx are made up of talented and diverse experts in mRNA science, particularly in areas like immunotherapy, infectious diseases, cancer, and therapeutics. Each member brings a deep understanding and extensive experience, which helps our organization stay ahead in mRNA technology, including drug development and vaccine production.

Good communication and teamwork are key to our success, especially in the fast-changing world of biotechnology. Our team's ability to think ahead and make smart decisions is enhanced by their experience, including involvement in vaccine initiatives and guiding companies through the process of becoming publicly traded. This experience provides us with invaluable insights and strategic planning capabilities.

Pivoting With the World

PTx was founded in 2015 as a cancer-focused RNA drugs company that, by 2020, was months from launching clinical studies for fully personalized ovarian cancer and glioblastoma vaccines. Then, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the World. 

With the correct technology at the right time, PTx pivoted to the development of the PTX-COVID19-B vaccine, which head-to-head, was equivalent to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.
See the results of the vaccine program here.

Due to our successes during the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine program, we have exited the pandemic with a number of exciting partnerships that have resulted in a robust pipeline in infectious disease vaccines and cancer vaccines.


The Providence Advantage

  • Clinically validated mRNA Medicines Ecosystem
  • Robust Clinical and Research Pipeline
  • Proprietary Lipid & LNP Library for optimized mRNA delivery
  • Innovation and Partnership driven
  • Highly Experienced Scientific Leadership
  • Highly Experienced Corporate Leadership
  • Partnership & Co-development Opportunities