Where Hope and Science Intersect

Providence Therapeutics is a private Canadian biotechnology company that specializes in messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine therapies.

We hold deep expertise in the science of mRNA with operations located in Calgary, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario. The beginnings of Providence Therapeutics started with our undivided focus on oncology research and personalized cancer therapies. However, given the global COVID-19 crisis, we have pivoted from our original mission, devoting our energy, knowledge, and resources to creating a mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, which is currently under Phase 2 Human Clinical Trial.

As we face the current worldwide pandemic together, our personal mandate is to help supply a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine solution to global citizens in largely underserved markets.

Our 2-fold mission involves creating a Best-In-Class COVID-19 vaccine for effective application towards the global supply of life-saving mRNA vaccines that will help fight against this devastating pandemic.

Secondly, we aim to pivot back into our original mission of applying our mRNA platform to address cancers, therapies, and other diseases.


It has become evident that COVID-19 is not just only a global pandemic and public health crisis but that it has left long-lasting damaging effects on the global working economy. Significant economic impact around the globe includes a sharp rise in unemployment, severe reduction in income, loss of life, massive burden on existing healthcare systems, business closures, trade disruptions, educational disruptions, and the decimation of many industries.

Moreover, we know that COVID-19 outbreaks and new variants will continue to dominate the lives of citizens for the foreseeable future.


We at Providence Therapeutics want to see the globe thriving again and strive to help get global citizens back on their feet.

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